Trip to Morocco 2016: First Week

Hello my lovely readers!!

This summer, as usual, my family and I took a trip to Morocco. We stayed there for about a month, but roamed the country for a week at a time. We left early June, expecting to arrive a day after our departure. We left our home in Orlando for the airport at 3am to catch the 6am flight. Due to the lack of space on the flight, my dad, sister, and brother went up to NYC while my mom, other sister, and I waited for the next flight. The next flight was also full so that was a no go. I finally was able to get on the 11am flight wile my sister and mom stayed behind. I sat next to two jetBlue pilots who didn't talk very much which made for a rather uneventful flight. When I arrived at JFK, I made it a point to get Baked by Melissa cupcakes and some tea with cream and sugar; totally relieved all the past stress. Once at JFK, we had to wait until 8pm to see if we would be able to catch the flight to Morocco. Unfortunately, because of our standby situation, we didn't make it. Being that I have the coolest mom on earth though, instead of spending a day at the airport waiting for the next flight, she took us to Manhattan to explore a little and have a change of scenery. Even if for a few hours, that day trip was incredible. We walked around for a bit and had lunch at my favorite childhood restaurant, Cosi. We then headed back to the airport to catch the flight to Morocco, which we were thankfully able to get on (and on first class!!!). The wait was all worth it in the end.

We landed in Morocco the next morning, the sun shining and the wind blowing. We went to our house in Casablanca and slept for a good few hours. In the past 48 hours, we had slept maybe 6 hours, so a large lack of activity took place the next few days. The following week, we went to my grandmother's house in a village just outside of Marrakech. To avoid posting a million pictures at a time, I'll show you guys the following week at grandma's in an upcoming post so stay tuned and enjoy the pictures!!

the face of an unamused teenager sitting between two unamusing pilots
the face of an amused teenager who finally made it to NYC
(I promise I'll remember to save snap pics without captions)
throwback to my night at JFK in December (ft big sis)
my little man looking fly on the subway
happy to be out of the airport
the famous Rockefeller 
angry looking M&M (he must've also spent the night at the airport)
my favorite chocolate!!!
obsessed with geofilters
and uniqlo (sorry for the tongue emojis)
prettiest Anthropologie I've ever come across
Radio City geofilter
favorite lunch spot 
I feel like I broke my neck trying to take this picture
extra EXTRA legroom in First Class
not beats but sick nonetheless
maybe I should've taken a picture of the inside of the menu but oh well
appetizer: cheese wrapped in zucchini, chicken salad with fruits on toast, and scallops on toast
dinner: chicken and gravy with mustard seed mashed potatoes and veggies (SO GOOD)
super happy to be in Morocco
after countless hours at the airport
pretty sunset before Iftar
delicious pastries for Iftar
more yummy sweets
traditional Moroccan mosaics (that says "Casablanca" in Arabic)
view from my house the next morning
my hair looked pretty darn cute after getting it done, I have to say
rare selfie but I was so feelin' this hair (my apologies for the not so ideal selfie location)

See you guys soon!!!



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