Golden Ray of Sunshine

Golden Ray of Sunshine (revised)

Golden Ray of Sunshine (revised) by thenadsfashion featuring boyfriend fit jeans

Hey guys!

I hope everyone's having a lovely summer! I just thought I'd give a little update on how my summer is going. In a future post, I'll go more into detail (with pictures!), but, briefly, I'm in Morocco at the moment, enjoying the cool weather and the ocean. It's definitely colder than Orlando, and it's much windier and less rainy. I'm perfectly content with the weather, but it's especially hard to dress for. It's much colder at night which makes you want to pack a sweater, but everyone just goes out in t-shirts which makes me look like a noob. Regardless, if I were somewhere with more vacation-y weather, this is exactly what I would wear (or some variation of this).

This summer, shoulder tops are SO in. The fullness of the top hints at modesty, but the bare shoulders say otherwise. To balance the femininity of the pouffy, cut-out top, boyfriend jeans provide the perfect amount of sass. I picked these sandals because, for me at least, summer consists of long walks and random beach trips. These sandals provide both comfort and easy access to water for your little toes. The jewelry (earrings and necklace) add class to the look without being clunky and overbearing. And look at how cute the little pineapples are!! I love this bag because it's casual and relaxed; the ideal beach or market accessory. The hat, although not an everyday necessity, is absolutely crucial for the aforementioned beach walks. Plus, hot summer days are meant for daydreaming. Aaaaand last but not least, a nice cup of iced coffee to top off the look (needn't be a designer cup o' joe, instant coffee with ice offers equal satisfaction).

Thank you for being the incredible readers that you guys are!!

xo Nada


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