Trip to Abu Dhabi-The Details

I cannot put into words how extremely fantastic my trip was. My last post might've left one or two of my lovely readers on their toes, so I am here to wrap up any loose ends. I unfortunately did not make it to my flight to Abu Dhabi on time, so I spent the night at the airport with some really cool people that I met; a backpacking flight attendant and her super cool sidekick. They had also missed their flight, so we shared our pain over diner ice cream and wings. We celebrated my birthday together and played cards on the Terminal 5 floor at 3am. It doesn't sound like a great way to spend one's birthday, but now that I think of it, I have a great story to tell and even better memories to cherish. Of course, I had to find a way to make it to Abu Dhabi, so I called NYUAD's travel agency to see if there were any other options. Fortunately, they were able to book me a seat on a flight to Dubai the next morning and gave me the option of staying at a hotel for a night (courtesy of NYUAD), buut I decided to stay at the airport. I knew that, being that it was already 2am, I was better off napping in the airport. After all, that was probably safer than roaming the streets of NYC or dozing off in a super comfy bed and missing  my flight again.
So once I bid my new friends goodbye (they had a flight to catch), I picked a cozy little corner and caught some zzz's before my flight at 9am. I woke up at about 7am to check in to my flight and head into the waiting area. I was starving so I found a lounge that accommodates any flyer (not airline specific) and asked for the prices. The kind gentleman at the counter said $50 for 4 hours, but I told him that my flight was in less than 2 hours and that I had spent the night in the airport on my birthday. Being the darling that he was, he let me in for free. Why can't everyone be as compassionate as the man behind the Winged Tips counter?  Whoever you are, I hope good karma has made its way to you!
I enjoyed my breakfast of champions and freshened up for a bit, then headed to my gate. To my delight, this airplane was the Airbus A380! That totally made up for any problems I had the night before. I hopped on the plane to DXB (Dubai International) and made myself cozy. I was adamant about staying up for the food because I had heard rave reviews. I was asleep, however, for maybe 8 out of the 12 hours I was on the plane; some well-deserved and much needed sleep.
I landed at DXB bright and early on Friday morning and met up with an NYUAD rep and we rode together to Abu Dhabi. The trip to AD was actually quite cool as I would not have been able to see Dubai with my old itinerary. I got to see the Burj Khalifa, the Burj al Arab, and a bunch of other cool places. The drive was quite short and we made it to campus in no time. Stay tuned for more about my stay on campus in my next post!

Quick outfit pic before leaving
JetBlue's way of apologizing
when your new airport buddies buy you ice cream :')
stuck in Terminal 4 at 3am
strangely peaceful airport
the struggle to find an outlet was real
resting spot for the night
an odd yet expected sight 
good things come to those who wait
airplane lineup view from breaky
sick airport decor
sick airport decor part 2
the anticipation builds up!!
ah, there she is
A380 staircase
wow, my own personal tv
airplane goodies
bye bye, New York!!
cute little clouds
dinner is served
odd water presentation
the crackers were SO good
and this was even better: pesto chicken with zucchini, and pasta
actual silverware, you've outdone yourself Emirates!
twinkly cabin ceiling
tv map says that's Vienna
gold beauty
pink cabin lights
soooo comfy
only a la carte on Emirates, of course
breakfast was out of this world
hints of a sunrise
can't have breaky without some tea!!
found this spoon very interesting 
what a view
a sea of clouds
so serene
the first hints of Dubai
the excitement sure is building up 
not sure what this is, but still pretty cool
landed at DXB!!
sister plane
sick airport decor part 3
Dubai architecture
Burj Khalifa (one of the tallest buildings on Earth)
remnants of UAE national day
Burj Khalifa ready for its closeup
Dubai Financial District 
indoor ski complex (sloping tunnel in the background)
NYUAD: home for the next few days; and next 4 years 


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