My Experience in Morocco

          As much as I love America, some things in Morocco are simply incomparable. To me, it's the little things that make me love being in Morocco so much more; things like freshly squeezed orange juice for less than 50 cents, the smell of burning leaves at 4am, and the open air markets on every street. I have to say though, nothing beats spending hours on the beach playing cards with cousins and eating ice cream. The 5 weeks we spent there flew by, and before we knew it, we had to come back and get into our daily routine of doing homework and watching TV, but I can't complain because any time spent on vacation is better than no vacation at all. The best part was that we got to sit in first class on our flight back from Morocco. We were really spoiled and felt like royalty. We unfortunately didn't get to stop by the Big Apple this year, but there'll always be more opportunities to travel.
          One of the things that Morocco is very known for is its food. Since the majority of our trip was during Ramadan, we had huge meals at night. These meals consisted of two courses, the ftour which is eaten right when the maghrib prayer is sounded to break the fast, and the isha course, which is typically eaten after the isha prayer. For the ftour, little foods such as Moroccan pancakes, hrira (traditional soup), spring rolls, dates, eggs, etc. are served. For the isha meal, big tajines and similar foods are served. The best part of Ramadan is probably all the great food, so try not to drool over the pictures ;)

Outfit details on my way to New York
View from the plane
Cool patterns I saw at the mall
Snacks at my aunt's house
Ftour at above-mentioned aunt's house

Garden inside my grandma's open-roof house

Another picture of my grandma's garden

Close-up of the flowers in her garden
Jama'a Fna in Marrakech (open-air bazaar)
When my bracelet coincidentally matched the couches
The prettiest Starbucks Villa EVER
Entrance to a hammam (bathhouse) and spa
Random and super-nationalistic wall
Nutella crepe at G-Ice cafe
Nutella milkshake at Venezia Ice cafe
Moroccan tea from a restaurant + exterior facade of restaurant
Beach villa in Bouznika Beach

Breakfast at Bouznika
Traditional Moroccan beignets
Little lake by our villa
Bouznika Beach
Hand-embroidered Moroccan dress
Refreshing Cola in First Class
Appetizer: scallops, asparagus, and caviar
Appetizer pt 2: avocado tapenade, salad, liver pate, and crackers
Mini olive oil bottle (with Louboutin Lady Twist nail polish and matte top coat)
Dinner: vermicelli with saffron chicken and almonds
Super swag headphones I couldn't keep
Nothing like a cold cup of OJ to wake you up
Breakfast: croissant, pain au chocolat, spring rolls, fruits, yogurt and OJ
Cute little jam and honey pots
View of the clouds from JetBlue
Extra EXTRA legroom 
Jewelry details 
JetBlue snack: blue chips and iced tea
Cute little JFK snapchat sticker 


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