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The time has come again to whip out our suitcases that have been hibernating for a year and to put them to good use. Summer vacation, for the fortunate few, means travelling to both familiar and foreign lands. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to travel to Morocco every summer, so I try to share the joy of being in my homeland with all of my lovely viewers by sharing some of my adventures on my blog as I did here last year. I've been busy packing the past few days and while doing so, I tried to keep a mental list of things that I could absolutely not forget to pack in my carry on. I though it would be helpful to share this list in case anyone was wondering what to pack.
  • Tote bag: It is rather crucial to have something to hold all of the items that will be listed below, so here's the bag that I'm carrying on the plane with me. This bag is durable, spacious, and stylish. The long straps make it easier to carry on my shoulder while balancing two suitcases in my hands, without being bulky under my arm. This model can be found here.
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    Gold Black Indian Motif Vintage Design Pattern Poker Cards
  • Deck of cards: As bizarre as it may sound, you simply never know when you're going to meet a few people who are equally bored and who wished a deck of cards was on hand. Even if not to play with others, I keep one with me that way when I get bored, I can reshuffle it or organize it and shuffle it up again. Since you're already travelling in style, you might as well carry a stylish deck like this one here.
  • Magazine: If cards don't sound like your cup of tea, may I recommend some magazines? There are issues for every type of person out there, so the options are truly endless. I like to choose magazines with both good articles and good quality outfits like Vogue.
  • Scarf: For those who have been blessed with the lovely climate of a frigid airplane, this essential truly is essential. It may seem silly to be walking around with a cashmere scarf mid-summer, but being warm and cozy on the plane is worth the looks from the lunatics who travel in shorts. This scarf is a perfect neutral beige that would match anything and is also long enough to serve as a blanket; a scarf with talent! 
Image result for warm cashmere scarf
  • A good playlist: This is probably your best friend on a long flight. I typically watch TV on the plane, but when I want to sleep, I just pop in my headphones and fall asleep to the lovely sounds of my favorite tunes. I actually made this playlist myself, which was inspired by calming vibes of sleep and tranquility. 
  • Stylish headphones: In order to listen to these great jams, you need great headphones. The Taylor headphones from Frends are stylish, comfortable, and provide a great listening experience. 

  • Portable charger: As much as they tell us they've lengthened our phones' battery lives, the truth is, they still die within 15 hours. If you're travelling all day and don't have time to spare to charge your phone, this item is absolutely necessary. 

This list may be a bit different for everyone, but these are the basic items that'll keep you entertained and make sure you're prepared for anything your vacation can throw at you. I always have these items in my purse, and if they don't fit, in my carry on suitcase. Over the years, I've refined and added to this list, but I think it's come pretty close to ideal. I'd love to know what you absolutely can't travel without!


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