The Time I Bought More Than I Needed Because of Crazy Good Sales

So now that I'm on summer vacation and I have a steady source of income with no bills to pay, my entertainment options are truly endless. However, being the good girl that I am (shoutout to Mom), I choose to go shopping every day. For the past week, I've gone to the same three malls in hopes of scoring great quality clothing at super great prices. It all started about two weeks ago when I went to the outlets with a credit cards yearning to be swiped. I stopped by the Adidas store because they claimed to have huge sales, but was not very impressed by the prices of their Stan Smith's. I skipped the entire front section of the store and went to where every sane girl with a minimum wage-paying job would go; the clearance section. After about 15 minutes, I found beautiful turquoise and lime green high tops for only... *drum roll please*... $15!!! That's an insanely good price for a pair of Adidas sneakers. That purchase basically exemplified the next week or so of my shopping life. I'd walk into stores not hoping for much, but leaving with bags and bags of goodies. That week also started my love of online shopping. When it comes to online shopping, I never EVER pay for shipping. I always wait for a deal like free shipping over a $50 purchase, like Hollister does periodically.
After bathing in the online shopping waters (bad metaphor, my apologies), I decided to hit up the mall. My first stop was Hollister. I went to the back of the store as a part of my routine clearance check, and was pleasantly surprised at the sales. I found bras at $10 and underwear at $2, jackets incorrectly marked down at $17 (we claimed that we should be able to get them at that price instead of $50 because we weren't the ones who made the mistake and only paid $10 per jacket!) with an additional 40% off. Afterwards, I got two plain, simple tees for $4 each at the GAP. I then stopped at PINK to try on a bra and get an underwear for $1, then to LOFT for $16 pointed flats. My spree didn't end there however. I kept going to the mall in the next few days to see different stores. I scored a one piece bikini for $11 and a necklace for $5 at Abercrombie & Fitch, two knit sweaters at the GAP for $10 each, Hollister boyfriend jeans for $25 and $8 (rare find!), a bunch of cool, patterned tees from Hollister for less than $10 each, and sandals and fabric oxfords for $20 and $26, respectively, at Tommy Hilfiger.
I'm really not sure where this burst of luck came from, but I have a feeling it's thanks to the Memorial Day Weekend sales that kinda snowballed into summer sales. This insanely great combination really helped maximize how much I can buy for the least amount possible. It has also helped shape my wardrobe a bit. I now opt for casual, simple looks using the tees and jeans I got and accessorizing them with jewelry and shoes. I couldn't be happier with all of the clothing I'm bringing to Morocco and I can't wait to show you the outfits I create with this clothing!

Here's a taste of all the things I've purchased lately:

A&F one-piece: $11

Hollister bikini: $20

GAP knit cardigan: $12

                                                                  Hollister jeans: $25

A&F necklace: $5

Hollister jacket: $10


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