How to Decide What to Wear

I , like many females around the world, have stood countless hours staring at my closet in hopes of finding outfit inspiration. This method generally does not work very well, but it is the one that I revert to the most often. Fortunately, I've nearly perfected a method for finding a cute outfit in minutes, and would love to share it with everyone.

  1. Keep a calendar: I find it extremely helpful to keep a calendar of what I wear everyday so that I can keep my clothing on a one month rotation. Everyday, I write down the basic components of my outfit (top, bottom, shoes, etc), that way, when I go to look at the calendar, I can see what hasn't been worn in a while and wear it. This keeps my style fresh and keeps every article of clothing looking relatively new.
  2. Mix and match: This next tip goes with my previous calendar method. Let's say I wore a black button down two weeks ago with green pants, but really need said black button down for a skirt I'm dying to wear. Although it does not follow my monthly rotation system, I wear it anyways because by wearing it with different bottoms and different shoes, the look totally changes. To change it up even more, I do my hair differently and wear different makeup so that there is no hint of two weeks ago's outfit. 
  3. Do research: Sometimes, staring at my closet just won't cut it. If that is the case, I turn to research. There are plenty of outfit inspiration websites, magazines, and social media accounts that provide endless sources of inspiration for cool, new looks. Most of the time, you will not have the exact pieces used in the look, but you will have an equivalent item. You can either recreate the look, or use it to fuel further development of an outfit you had in mind. I came across this website several months ago, and it has saved my life so many times. I've recreated several of the looks shown (on a smaller budget) and have used it to plan weeks ahead on my outfit calendar.
  4. Recolor: I'll admit that a lot of the time, I'm just too lazy to think of something to wear. When that happens, I revert to a classic combination: plain t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and colored sneakers. This outfit is casual and comfy, but also stylish. When I feel like I've worn this combination too many times, I just wear it with different accessories to change the color scheme. Fore example, one day I'll wear a black t-shirt, jeans, blue sneakers, and a blue necklace or scarf. Other times, I'll wear a gray t-shirt, jeans, gray flats, and a black and gray scarf. The key is to wear multi-colored accessories so that it adds variety to the look.
  5. Update your wardrobe: I hate to say it, but sometimes your wardrobe just needs some refreshing. That doesn't limit your options to going shopping, however. You can simply reorganize it or clean it! This will unveil some clothing that may have not seen the light of day in a while and will make you feel as though you've gone shopping, without feeling the guilt afterwards.
I hope that these tips can help provide some ideas for how to pick a new outfit!
Thanks for reading :)


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