Happy Earth Day!

I am a huge fan of colors that match anything; one of those colors is gold. In this look below, there is a gold pattern on the top, a strip of gold on the sneakers, tons of gold on the headphones, and the sunglasses themselves are gold. The gold on these items is the commonality that links them so seamlessly and effortlessly. The pants, although they might seem out of place or random, actually tie the look together and ground it. All the gold and lighter colors in the outfit make it a little gaudy, so the pants' color take that down a notch. The look was inspired by Earth and its beauty; the green representing land, the blue representing water, and the gold representing the abundant beauty that we are all so lucky to have on Earth and that we take for granted. Solid Gold

Shirt: TOPSHOP $22
Pants: Gap $38
Shoes: Valentino $595
Headphones: Frends $285
Sunglasses: Linda Farrow $1,005


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