Sales, sales, sales!

This weekend, unlike most, I went shopping! I finally got to use a Zara gift card that I got for my birthday. The sales on winter clothing were pretty insane due to the release of the spring/summer collections in the stores. Although most styles and sizes were gone, I looked through every nook and cranny to find the best of the remains. After about half an hour of bargain hunting, I found a few star items. Due to my rather limited budget, however, I could only get 2 things. I found super cute jumpsuits, dresses, sweaters, shoes, and bags each for $22.99 or less. I finally settled on a jumpsuit/dress and sneakers. Both were $22.99 each and considering their original prices ($129 and $59.90, respectively) that was a steal. The gift card covered most of it, but I did not mind one bit that I had to pay for the rest out of pocket.

Tips for sale hunting:

  • Shop during transitions between seasons (between a/w and s/s, vice versa) because that's when stores try to clear the last season's clothing from the racks in order to put in the new season.
  • Ask for student discounts, resident discounts, etc because you never know what they might offer.
  • Sign up for rewards programs. You already shop there, might as well get rewarded for it!
  • Don't give up after a mere 10 minutes of searching. Someone might have stashed something somewhere and I personally feel no shame in saying that whoever finds it gets to buy it.
  • Seek help if you can't find your size. A lot of the time, what's on display is what they have, but it doesn't hurt to give it a try. 
  • Tax-free weekend is everyone's friend. In a previous post, I mentioned a few things I bought from H&M during tax-free weekend. I scored pants for $1.50, a bracelet for $2, and a shirt for $5. Not only was it the end of the spring/summer season, but it was also tax-free weekend, and student discount weekend. This combination of discounts really re-energized my hope for cheap yet fashionable clothing.
I hope that these tips help you out next time you want to go shopping and are looking for a bargain.
I'd love to know, what's the best deal you've ever scored?

PS: Zara jumpsuit and shoes I just bought. 


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