Birthday Weekend

On Tuesday, December 2nd, I celebrated my 16th birthday, but since it was during the week, I couldn't do much to celebrate it. So, I made reservations at the Highball & Harvest at the Ritz-Carlton for lunch with a few of my closest friends to celebrate it on Saturday. The meal was absolutely delicious, the view was incredible, and the experience was unforgettable. I had originally intended on going to the Ritz for a tea party, but because of the Festival of Speed that was being hosted that weekend, the afternoon teas were cancelled. However, thanks to that festival, we got a great view of gorgeous cars as we were eating. I'm so thankful for all of my friends, the hotel, and of course, my parents.
Have a great week!

Appetizers: Southern Chips and Dip
Entree: Chicken Sandwich with Fries
Dessert: Mini Powdered Donuts, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Nutella in a tube
Presents: gift cards, mix CD's, stationery and wax seals, nail polishes, decor, literature

Louboutin Nail Polish cake 


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