Where I Shopped for Christmas Presents (and suggestions for next year)

After browsing numerous stores for Christmas presents, I came up with a solid list of stores that have the best gifts at the cheapest prices. Since I hadn't found any good shops any earlier, I waited until 3 days before Christmas to buy gifts. Granted, it wasn't one of my brightest moments, but waiting until the last minute guaranteed me some AMAZING sales, so I'm glad my procrastinating habits didn't fail me.

  1. C Wonder: I went into this store, although I had never been in it, because they were having a huge sale. The clearance section had jewelry, bedside table decor, candles, and little trinkets. All of these items ranged from $5-$20, after 50% was taken off. I personally really liked the little horoscope plates that they were selling in all sorts of bright colors.  Sagittarius Zodiac Glass PlateSagittarius Zodiac Glass Plate- $7
  2. Anthropologie: My favorite thing about Anthro is that you can find all sorts of little trinkets and goodies if you search hard enough. They have everything from couches to sweaters to about 50 kinds of door knobs with various uses. Their book selection ranges from cuisine to architecture, they have a TON of cute cooking utensils, and their boho chic clothing never disappoints. I got my best friend little jewelry bowls/ soap dishes/ cereal bowls that were in the shapes of vegetables, fitting considering she is super healthy.
    Field Harvest Nut BowlField Harvest Nut Bowl- $2.95
  3. Starbucks: As obvious as this one may seem, I didn't think of it at first. You could get anything as a gift from here, like ornaments, coffee, gift cards, and tumblers. I just went to Stabucks to get myself a drink and I noticed that their mugs were on sale. One of my best friends LOVES tea and coffee, so I figured a mug would be a great gift for her. Since her style is more grunge hipster, I got her a simple mug with spikes at the bottom.
    Mug - Studded Cuff, 16 fl ozStudded Cuff Mug- $10.95
  4. Basin: For the scent enthusiast, any store like Lush, Basin, or Bath and Body Works would be perfect. I have a friend who always smells flowery and fluffy, so I figured she might want a bath bomb or three to add to her collection. I got three small bath bombs for my friend, all of which are different aromas.
    Blue Bath BombSmall bath bomb- $3.99 each (3 for $12)
  5. Francesca's: This little boutique sells all sorts of stuff, including a variety of super cute clothes, jewelry, and gifts. I usually buy birthday gifts from here simply because everything is so sweet and delicate. Although I didn't do any holiday shopping here this year, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a dainty gift to give someone.
    Alcott Paisley WatchAlcott Paisley Watch- $14.98
  6. Urban Outfitters: Now we all have that one friend who's more hipster than the average hipster, but fear not for there is a gift out there for them. Said hipster friend may or may not be a fan of literature, and may or may not be a fan of books on Zodiac signs, but if they are, you (and your friend) are in luck! Urban sells just the right book for them, and it's pretty within budget.
    Your Personal Horoscope 2015: Month-By-Month Forecasts For Every Sign By Joseph PolanskyYour Personal Horoscope 2015- $14.99 (plus 20% off!)
This list may not be too useful for this year, but at least it can be reevaluated for next year. I hope you all had a great holiday season this year, and have a great day :)


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