Neiman Marcus' Art of Fashion 20th Anniversary Celebration

As previously mentioned, my dear friends at Neiman Marcus asked me to join them in celebrating this monumental occasion. I was beyond ecstatic upon receiving my invitation to attend and I immediately realized that I needed a super cute, but not flashy, outfit. Lucky for me, I had recently bought a VERY adorable skirt from Pull & Bear. I paired this skirt with a simple black button down for a sleek, classic look. As for accessories, I wore this ensemble with a gold collar necklace and simple everyday jewelry, such as small rings and bracelets. To keep the look very minimal, I wore plain black pumps and to finish off, a snake-skin purse.

I think that the part I was the most excited for at the event was the fashion show. As always, the outfits did not disappoint. Every outfit was very wearable, but had a little somethin' extra to give it a little spice. I'm really excited to see all the grays that seem to be a huge trend this year. Out of at least 30 looks, I chose my 4 favorite ones to share with you. 
                       1                                                            2                                                        3                                                        4

  1. This look says autumn on every way possible, from the layered sweater/button down combo, to the leather jacket, to the booties, to the ripped jeans. I absolutely love the big, bright necklace because it brings a little bright color to the outfit. Considering I have both a blue, cropped sweater and a loose-fitting, white button down, this will definitely be a look that you will be seeing on the blog in the near future (hinting at a future outfit post).
  2. Outfit 2 is very reminiscent of a look I styled at Neiman Marcus last year with mixed patterns. I am a strong believer in that two articles of a like color but different pattern are meant for each other. The top and bottoms of the look both feature the same color scheme, but portrayed differently. The electric blue leather jacket adds a pop of color and brings out the blue in the shirt. The shoes and bag both also accentuate the red in the shirt.
  3. Now for my ultimate favorite outfit. This dress is fun, bright, and full of patterns and textures. Pink is not usually my default color, but I would definitely not think twice about wearing this dress. The boots tone down the look of the dress and the jacket adds a badgirl factor to the entire look.
  4. I chose this men's look versus the two other men's looks because of the preppy and classy aura given off by this seemingly kind gentleman. Just by looking at it, I want to swing a few balls down at the country club (to which I don't have a membership, but hey, a girl can dream).
Aside from the fabulous fashion show, the event had many other aspects, one of which was an art display, presented by Jai Gallery. The art was gorgeous and, honestly, inspiring. It was the kind of art that left room for interpretation, allowing the viewer some liberty in deciding what they see. My favorite pieces were quite abstract, with a hint of realism. And the colors were just stunning. When I first saw the paintings, I didn't quite know what I was looking at. After analyzing it a bit more, it became more obvious.

Another thing that Neiman Marcus is really good at, besides, like, everything, is the catering. Their caterer provided us with some dainty little finger foods, such as pulled pork sandwiches, bruschetta skewers, and a dessert table featuring macaroons and mini eclairs, among many more foods. The beautiful presentation was definitely a plus.


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