Last Pop of Summer

As our sweet summer days slowly come to an end, I've chosen to embrace some color before changing out my closet for neutrals. This look uses a pop of bright colors, as shown in the necklace, and a slouchy, comfy crop top to symbolize our eternal lounge days that we loved so dearly when we had them before school started. The boyfriend jeans are just super chill and laid back, which basically epitomizes my summer. The Birkenstocks really add to the level of comfort shown by everything else in the outfit. And what would a summer look be without super fresh sunglasses that every kid on the block is dying to have and the most coveted Phillip Lim bag to have ever graced the face of the Earth?
Last pop of summer

Last pop of summer by thenadsfashion featuring Birkenstock

With that being said, I hope everyone enjoys their few days of summer!


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