Funky Fresh

This week, amidst the fashion frenzy taking place in the big apple, I will be attending Neiman Marcus' fashion week, which is as close to the real thing as it gets. On Thrusday, they will be having an Art of Fashion event, celebrating their 20th anniversary of the Art of Fashion. I'm super stoked about going, not only because I get to ditch homework to play dress-up, but also because I get to check out this fall's hottest trends. Being that I have already worn everything in my closet at least once within the past school month, I could use a little inspiration to make all sorts of new outfit combos. Another Neiman Marcus event taking place this week is the Men's Fall Trends event, in which all proceeds go to the Zebra Coalition, an organization that provides for abused, under-privileged LGBT+ teens. I can't wait to check out all the cool things Neiman Marcus has planned for this year's fashion week!
Stay tuned for my next post about this season's hottest looks!

In the meantime, enjoy this look featuring hip, geometric patterns and shapes, with a burst of color.

Funky Fresh
                 Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Dress: Monki
                   Bag: Christian Louboutin
           Necklace: Shourouk
             Sunglasses: Blackfive


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