My Summer Vacation

This summer, as usual, I went to Morocco, but this time I brought along a few friends which made me feel like a bit more of a tourist since I showed them around the country. Usually, I just visit family when I go to Morocco, but on this trip, I saw the Jardin Majorelle and the Saadian Tombs, amongst many other tourist attractions. It really stunned me how beautiful and architecturally rich my country is. While in Morocco, we went to different cities like Rabat, Marrakech, and Casablanca. In Rabat, we rented a beautiful villa on the beach. In Marrakech, we stayed at my uncle's hotel and relaxed for a few days before exploring the city. The hotel was purely relaxing and calming. 
After staying in Morocco for a few weeks, we stopped in New York City for a quick few days before heading back home. Of course, while in NY, we did some much needed and deserved shopping. We walked around the city for a good 7 hours everyday, from Broadway to Times Square to 5th Avenue. Personally, Uniqlo was my favorite store (and the had an amazing sale going on!).

Beach Villa, Rabat


Jamaa Fna, Marrakech


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