What to Bring When Shopping

          I go shopping quite often, maybe more than necessary, but by doing so, I've become a pro at what to bring and what to wear when shopping. I have gathered my knowledge on shopping and am going to share my tips with you in order for you to make the most of your days at the mall.
  1. Wear something you are comfortable to move around in. I try not to wear super tight leather pants or an uncomfortable shirt because they limit mobility and we need every ounce of mobility and reaching abilities when trying to grab the last pair of this season's Valentino's. I suggest wearing loose fitting clothing such as boyfriend jeans and a simple v-neck.
  2. Strapless bras are your best friend, especially when trying on  dresses. Even if you're not trying on a dress or something of the sort, a strapless bra will allow you to visualize an outfit better than a bra with ostentatious straps.
  3. Don't carry too much from the start. A small purse with the necessities will suffice for a day at the mall. The more you carry from the get-go, the less shopping you'll be able to do.
  4. Make sure your shoes are easily removable. You want to be able to try on as many shoes as possible, so you will want to be able to remove your shoes easily. I recommend flats, Toms, sandals, etc. Personally, I wear flats because I find them to be more comfortable. 
  5. Since I have tremendously long hair, I like to put it up when I'm doing things so that it doesn't get in my way. When I go shopping, I put it in a bun or a ponytail because it's easier to stick my head through clothing that way than it is having to drag may hair along with it.
  6. Keep the makeup to a minimal level. I almost always just wear a bit of eyeliner and some mascara. I like keeping my makeup simple because I don't want the color of my eye shadow to clash with a shirt I'm trying on. 
  7. Though I'm a huge fan of big necklaces, I try to wear a more toned down necklace, or no necklace at all when I go shopping. It's quite difficult trying to put on a tight dress when a necklace is in the way. The same concept applies to bracelets. 
Here are a few outfit ideas:

  • Jeans, flats, simple t-shirt/blouse
  • Dress, sandals, cardigan
  • Shorts, tank top, sandals

Have a great week!


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