Top Ten Black and Gold Items

Top Ten Black and Gold

Dorothy Perkins black dress
This dress, to me, symbolizes femininity. The gold and silver embellishments make it a super cute option for a spring movie night date.

Brown cardigan
$450 -
This cardigan is a simple piece that can make any outfit a whole lot more exciting.

N 21 short sleeve shirt
$490 -
Now this shirt here is super flashy and not ashamed of it. It says, "I'm here, notice me," which is exactly what this spring season feels like.

Galitzine pants
Personally, I never thought I'd consider buying a pair of gold pants, but this pair here is seriously making me reconsider.

Dodo' Le Parisienne leather shoes
$115 -
Since it's finally the spring, I have a feeling I'm going to need a new pair of sandals and these could be just the ones I need.

Halston Heritage clutch
For those GNO's, this clutch can jazz up any little black dress, especially when paired with pumps.

Stella Dot necklace
No item list is complete without a bold necklace. This piece here is just bold enough to make a statement without being too in-your-face.

Tory Burch ring
$105 -
This ring definitely makes a statement this season with its large black stone and gold caging.

$435 -
These headphones are both fashionable and functional, which makes them a must-have this season.

Biba drinkware
$82 -
While finishing up this list, I figured, "Why not put a household item to dazzle up the house?" So, when I found these glasses, I simply could not leave them off the list because they're just so art deco and super stylish.


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